Best Heat Exchange Espresso Machine [Top 3]

A heat exchanger (HX) espresso machine are great for those who wants to perform espresso brewing and milk steaming simultaneously. In this post, we are going to share our list of the best heat exchange espresso machine.

What is a Heat Exchange Espresso Machine?

There is only 1 boiler in heat exchanger espresso machines. As we know, temperatures to brew espresso and steam milk are different. However, the heat exchanger enables you to do both at the time by maintaining a part within the boiler at a cooler temperature that is required for espresso brewing while keeping the other part hot for making steam. When you brew espresso, water is channel through the heat exchanger rod in the cooler part of the boiler using a pump and this water will heat up by thermodynamic effect to the temperature required for brewing espresso.

Best Heat Exchange Espresso Machine

Microcasa Semiautomatica

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It is undeniably one of the most attractive espresso machines with a heat exchanger system for brewing flavorful coffee drinks. The boiler is equipped with a safety pressure release valve. By turning a knob, steam valves can be turned on and off quickly. To refill the boiler, water is pumped into the grouphead.

When the manual espresso machine is first received, only the steam wand needs to be attached. For stability on a countertop, this unit has a round base with a diameter of approximately 10 inches. Using the controls is simple. Three red buttons are available, one for power, one for brewing coffee, and one for refilling the boiler.

It isn’t the kind of machine you should buy if you want nice espresso after pushing a button, going for a walk, and coming back. It requires some adjustment to produce the best results. When you do, however, you will feel like you are in a coffee world of your own. Those of you who enjoy making lattes and cappuccinos will appreciate the excellent steamer it has.

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BZ10 Bezzera

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BZ10 Bezzara is another semi-automatic espresso machine with a heat exchanger. With a price below 2000, the Bezzera BZ10 is an ideal entry point for those looking for entry-level prosumer espresso machine while saving money and counter space.

This product is crafted from AISI 304 stainless steel and features an Italian design. The BZ10 is one of the smallest models available for the prosumer market. The dimensions of this machine are 9.8 inches wide, 14.7 inches high, and 16.7 inches deep. It weighs 42 pounds. But don’t let its size deceive you. This device works like a pro.

Among its specialized features is the BZ10 group head, which is electrically heated to ensure optimum temperature stability. Within the group head, a thermostat is used to control the temperature of two heating elements. The dual elements allow the group head to be evenly heated, resulting in a more stable temperature.

This brewing process uses a 1.5 liter nickel-plated copper boiler and a vibration pump. This boiler was electroplated using the Nistla process to apply a metal coating which meets NSF food safety standards. Due to the boiler’s heat exchanger, this machine brews and steams simultaneously and can steam up to 20 ounces in one go within 40 seconds. Excess water is channeled into a drip tray after you finish brewing using the three-way solenoid valve. This machine comes with steam and hot water wands that are articulation-enabled with ball joints.

The BZ10 has a 3 liter water tank, a large capacity for a home espresso maker. This machine also comes with a measuring spoon, a backflush disk, filter baskets for single shot and double shot, a double-spouted portafilter, and a group brush. If you do not wish to spend too much, this is one of the cheapest heat exchanger espresso machine to consider.

Nuova Simonelli Musika Prosumer Espresso Machine

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Musica is a commercial espresso machine with a heat exchanger that is under 3000 dollars. The Prosumer espresso machine is designed for the home and office use. Musica is a beautiful stainless steel espresso machine that produces top-quality espresso. Musica incorporates the same features of its large sibling professional machines, like automatic dosing, thermo-compensated grouping as well as a steaming system.

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You can program 3 separate dosage options on the Musica using its easy-to-use buttons. On the front panel, there is a soft-touch backlit button which allows the user to choose the 3 independent dose levels. Users can dim or brighten each level accordingly. By using an automatic pre-infusion system, you can enjoy consistent espresso quality each time. The Musica brews espresso at the right temperature with insulated boilers and heat exchangers, providing the excellent espresso taste.

Using high pressure steam, you can froth milk almost any way you want. A powerful steam wand and easy-to-use lever on the machine allow you to release high-pressure steam to easily prepare lattes and cappuccinos. This machine comes with a high-quality, durable 58mm portafilter. With its ergonomic design and push-pull steaming system, this ergonomic portafilter helps prevent repetitive motion injuries. The top can be used as a cup warmer as well as a place to store nine cups.

For this machine, two setups are available. You can go for a 3-liter water tank for the Pour Over option. It will, however, necessitate frequent refills. To avoid refilling the tank at the back, you may choose a Direct Connect option that can provide plumbing to a water source.

Disadvantages of heat exchange espresso machine

The temperature of heat exchangers will fluctuate during the extraction process. The change can be attributed to the cold water replacing the hot water used for espresso extraction. As soon as brewing starts, the heat exchanger uses the water already warmed up for the brewing process. A new supply of cold water is then channeled into the heat exchanger to replace the old one. Consequently, the heat exchanger will cool down. Therefore, the temperature of the water used for brewing espresso will gradually decrease throughout the extraction process. As a result, the taste of espresso will be affected. If you are particular about the espresso taste, a dual boiler espresso machine will be a better choice for you.

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Which is the best heat exchanger espresso machine?

All 3 models are excellent choices. However, I personally prefer Musica as it has option for direct plumbin to a water source. This can be really convenient since there’s no need to refill water. In addition, I like the lever feature on the steam wand and the ergonomic design of the portafilter.

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