Nespresso With Milk Frother And Steamer [Top 4 Machines]

Nespresso coffee machines are a great way to make espresso with no hassle with their capsule system. While espresso tastes great, a milk-based drink such as cappuccino and latte are even better. Thus milk frothing capabilities become necessary. And if you like latte art, a milk steamer is definitely a must have. In this post, we will share our list of the best Nespresso with milk frother and steamer.

Best Nespresso With Milk Frother

Gran Lattissima

Gran Lattissima is the latest model in the fully automatic Lattissima espresso machines. All you need is to fill the water tank and milk containers and then press a button. And the machine does the rest, including the milk frothing. If you want convenience, you should get this Nespresso with milk frother. Whether in white or black, this machine looks great with its silver lines and sleek contours and will be a nice asset in your kitchen.

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It measures 7.9′′ wide by 14.4′′ deep by 10.8′′ high and weighs 11.9 pounds, with a capacity of 34 ounces for its water tank and 16.9 ounces for the milk tank. It also can hold up to 14 used capsules in its used capsule container. With this machine, three coffees are available (Espresso, Ristretto and Lungo) as well as several milk-based coffee drinks (cappuccino, latte macchiato, a cafè latte, flat white ).

The milk tank is also removable and you can simply store the remaining unused milk together with the milk tank in the fridge. After the milk-based drink is done, you get a clean alert from the machine. Cleaning is easy by placing a empty cup under the coffee sprout then set the knob to “clean” position. This will start the process for the milk system rinsing which will pass hot water and steam through the milk sprout.

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This coffee machine is equipped with detachable parts that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Everything else inside is cleaned automatically by the machine. There’s also a descaling alarm in the water reservoir to alert you when it needs to be cleaned

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Nespresso One

Nespresso Lattissima One is an earlier model than Gran which also has automatic milk frothing capabilities. It too has a modern unique and premium design with its subtle gloss and matte line patterns as well as its chromed lever and backlit buttons. This Nespresso with frother comes in 3 colors – silky white, black and warm slate. However, it has limited drink options – espresso, lungo, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato.

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It is the most compact Lattissima model with only 12 inches in height and a small foot print measuring 6.1 inches deep and 10.5 inches wide. And it weighs only 9.2 pounds, making it a portable machine to move around in your kitchen.

Additionally, the cup shelf can be adjusted to accommodate various cup sizes for added convenience. With a smaller size, it has smaller capacity of 33.8 ounces for its removable water tank, 4.2 ounces for its milk tank and only able to hold 8 used capsules.

Nespresso Pro

Nespresso Pro is an even earlier Nespresso with frother than the Gran and One. It has a industrial design with a stainless steel housing and finishes of aluminum and chrome-plating. The Pro can also make Ristretto and Americano besides the espresso, lungo, latte and cappuccino drinks found in the Lattissima One.

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With Lattissima Pro, you get a larger water tank that can hold up to 44 ounces. It’s a better choice if you are making coffee for a family since you refill less frequently. Similarly, the milk container is also larger at 16 ounces. And the unused capsule container too has a large capacity of 15.

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Best Nespresso With Milk Steamer

Nespresso Creatista Plus

If you need a Nespresso with milk steamer to make latte art, Creatista Plus will be the right option. It has been specially designed to produce high-quality milky beverages. This machine offers the same drink selections as the Lattissima Gran, but heats the milk with a steam wand as opposed to a milk frother. This machine will steam milk for you according to the temperature (11 settings) and froth quality (8 texture levels) you specify. When the steaming process is complete you pour the steamed milk into your coffee. You can also specify the espresso cup size.

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The machine’s heating system is exceptionally fast and heats up in just three seconds. Cleaning is also easy with automatic purging for the steam wand after every use. It also comes with descaling alert to prompt you to perform descaling when it is time to do so.

Water reservoir capacity is 50.7 ounces, machine dimensions are 15.4′′ wide by 12′′ deep, and machine height is 6.7′′. And it weighs 11.4 pounds and can hold up to 12 used capsules in its used capsule container. There’s also a sliding drip tray to accommodate larger mugs.

If espresso and latte art are your passions, this machine may be right for you. In addition to making a high-quality coffee drink, it allows you to customize the milk textures and designs.



Which is the Best Nespresso With Milk Frother?

I personally like convenience way to make milk-based drinks. So I am not keen on a Nespresso with milk steamer. Amongst the Lattissima models, Pro is the best choice for me as it provide greatest conveniences with its larger water tank, milk tank and used capsule container. And i like that it is able to make Americano too.

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