Nespresso Red And Yellow (or Green) Light : What To Do?

It is really convenient to make coffee on a Nespresso coffee machine with its Nespresso capsules. As easy as it is to use, sometimes the Nespresso machine will show up a combination of lights which can leave a new user not knowing what to do. Some common scenarios are the Nespresso red and yellow light or just Nespresso red lights. In this post, I like to cover all the scenarios which the Nespresso shows red, yellow and green lights whether it is blinking or staying on.

What does Nespresso red and yellow light means?

The Nespresso red and yellow light is an alert combination used in VertuoPlus. To be clear, the yellow light is actually green color in VertuoPlus. But it looks like yellow when lit up, depending on your surrounding lighting conditions. Hence, some internet resources may refer to Nespresso red and green light and some may refer to Nespresso red and yellow light. But they both refer to the same thing.

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Nespresso Vertuo red and yellow light scenarios

Let’s cover the 3 scenarios which you will see the Nespresso Vertuo red and yellow light and what to do in such scenarios.

When Nespresso half red half green (yellow) light are in steady mode

When VertuoPlus show half red and half green steady lights ( depending on surrounding lighting conditions, it may appears half red and half yellow instead ), it means that descaling is needed but you can still use the machine. However, the machine will only allow you to use it a few more times as per normal to brew your coffee. After that, if descaling is still not done, the machine will be locked until you have performed the descaling on the machine. This is a good measure to ensure that the lime buildup will not get too high which otherwise affect coffee taste and the lifespan of the coffee machine.

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When Nespresso red light fade out and turn to steady green light

When the red light on Nespresso VertuoPlus fades out and green (yellow) light turns steady, it means the machine has finished cooling down and is now ready to be used to brew coffee.

When Nespresso red light blinking twice and turn green

When VertuoPlus has red light blinking 2 times and turns to steady green, the machine will not be able to start. When this happens, fill up the water tank and press the button to start brewing. If it doesn’t start, open the head and eject the vertuo capsule. Insert a new capsule and ensure it is inserted correctly. Then close the head and press the button to start.

Nespresso red light scenarios

Besides the half red and half yellow lights, VertuoPlus also uses just red lights for alerts. Here are the scenarios and what to do if you see them.

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When Nespresso Vertuo red light blinking continuously

When you have red light on Nespresso machine blinking non-stop, it means the machine head has stopped moving. To fix this, open up the machine head and remove anything that might be obstructing its movement. Also have the capsule container emptied. Then open or close the head, depending on its position.

When VertuoPlus red light blinking twice and then blinking orange

When the Vertuo plus has red light flashing twice and then blink orange, do this. If you have selected a special function previously, open the head and eject the capsule. Then press the button again to restart that special function. If you have selected the mode to empty the system, simply have the water tank removed.

When VertuoPlus red light flashes twice and then steady orange.

When VertuoPlus flashes red light twice and turns steady orange, it means the special function menu is activated. You can select the function you need by pushing the lever down.

When VertuoPlus red light is steady but machine not running

When the nespresso vertuo red light is steady but the machine can’t run, do this. Shutoff the machine and unplug from the power. Let the machine cool for 15 minutes. Then plug back the power and turn on the machine by pushing the lever down. The machine should heat up and goes to a steady green light once ready. If this can’t fix the issue, then call Nespresso hotline for assistance.

When VertuoPlus red light flashes 3 times for every 2 seconds and turns steady red

To fix this, pull the lever up. Wait for the machine head to stop and remove any obstacle. If necessary, have the capsule container emptied. Then push the lever down and close the head.

Other troubleshooting guides:

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Nespresso Green light scenarios

When VertuoPlus green light blinks continuously but machine not running.

The machine is in heating up mode. Wait for one minute for the machine to finish heating up. The heating will take about 1 minute to complete.

When VertuoPlus green light turning when the machine is running

This just means that the nespresso machine is working fine.

When VertuoPlus solid green light stay on but machine not working.

When you have steady green light on your machine but it is not starting, do this. Ensure that the head is closed properly. Also ensure that a new capsule has been inserted and is in the correct position, then close the head properly and press the button to start.


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