Nespresso Evoluo Review [7 Benefits to Own this Vertuoline Model]

Nespresso has reinvented the way to make espresso and coffee at home with its VertuoLine system. Now Nespresso has added its 2nd generation coffee maker. Let explore this machine in this Nespresso Evoluo review.



Nespresso Evoluo Review: Who it is for?


The Nespresso Evoluo is a pod-based single serve coffee machine. Using coffee pods means that you can save time from the grinding and tamping of coffee beans. There is no need to clean up messy coffee powder or trying hard to knock off the sticky coffee puck from the coffee attachment.

Indeed, such a coffee machine is ideal for busy people like you and me who loves to save energy and time in the morning for the busy day ahead.

With the Nespresso Evoluo, you can make both espresso and coffee. In addition it can brew up to 5 brewing options. If you have a family who have different coffee preferences, this coffee maker is a great choice for you. Besides for home use, the combination of its compact design, large water tank and versatile brewing options makes the Evoluo coffee maker an excellent choice for offices.


Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De'Longhi

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

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7 Benefits of Nespresso Evoluo


1. Design


The Nespresso Evoluo has a compact design. It has a small footprint of 9.0 inches wide x 12.3 inches deep and is only 12.2 inches tall. So it won’t take much space on the counter top and is ideal for small kitchens, offices and even dormitory rooms.

In terms of colours, there are 4 colors to choose from- Titan, Graphite metal, shiny red and silver.

The water tank is positioned by the side and it is translucent. Thus, it is easy to see if the water level is running low.

2. Quality of coffee


The Nespresso Evoluo uses Nespresso Vertuoline capsules. This means that coffee is of high quality thanks to Nespresso’s rigorous standards in coffee selection. In addition, its capsules are sealed airtight in recyclable aluminum capsules, thus maintaining the coffee freshness. With fresh and high quality coffee, the foundation to making coffee is well laid. Of course the other ingredient – water – must also be of high quality as it too can affect the coffee taste.

In terms of coffee extraction technologies, the Nespresso Evoluo is armed with the Nespresso’s new centrifusion extraction and automatic blend recognition technology.

This centrifusion technology spins the coffee capsules up to 7000 rotations per minutes. This method of blending the ground coffee with hot water allows the maximum extraction of flavours from the coffee capsule. Thus you get the perfect crema for your coffee or espresso.

To ensure the correct brewing parameters for the coffee capsule blend, the automatic blending recognition technology uses barcode reading to read the barcode on the capsule. Then it adjusts the brewing parameters accordingly automatically to ensure the perfect extraction of the flavours from the capsule. This means that you get an espresso or coffee of consistent quality each and every time.

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3. Efficiency in making coffee


Being a capsule-based coffee makers, it is convenient to use. You don’t have to spend time in the normal activities associated with the traditional espresso makers. No grinding of coffee beans or tamping ground coffee into the coffee attachment. No need to decide on the grind size of coffee beans.

Making coffee with the Nespresso Evoluo is extremely efficient. The coffee maker can heats up in less than 15 minutes.

With the help of the Evoluo’s automatic blend recognition technology, the machine can adjust the brewing parameters specific to the particular blend by itself. There is no need to select any settings.

The only effort required from you is to slot in the coffee capsule and press the button. The capsule is automatically ejected after brewing. This is the truly a single serve coffee machine!


Just check out the video!


The Nespresso Evoluo also has a large 54 ounces ( or 1.6 liters ) water tank. This is good news for those with large family. You can make more cups of espresso with each full water tank.

Its used capsule container has a large capacity too. It can store up to 17 mug capsules. If you are rushing time in the morning, you can probably afford to wait until the weekend to empty the container.


4. Various Coffee Drink options


With the Nespresso Evoluo, you can make both coffee and espresso via two different capsule sizes: large capsule for coffee and a small one for espresso. There’s no need to buy two separate coffee makers anymore.

In addition, there are 5 brewing options for:

  • 35 ounces espresso,
  • 7 ounces double espresso,
  • 5 ounces Gran Lungo,
  • 8 ounces coffee,
  • 14 ounces Alto

The drink volumes are pre-programmed for each brew options. However, you can easily customize the drink volume to your preferred quantity.

If you just wish to have more coffee for one time, you can manually top up coffee by pushing the button. When the desired volume is reached, hit the button again. If you want lesser coffee, just push the button early when the coffee is enough for you.

To accommodate the different cup sizes, Nespresso Evoluo’s cup support is adjustable to three positions.


5. Ease of Cleaning


The water tank, used capsule container and cup support are removable and easily accessible from the side and front of the container. So it’s easy to dismantle them for cleaning after each use.

The Nespresso Evoluo also comes with a cleaning function to clean the internal system. When activated by the user, the function will pump the water from the water tank to clean the internal circuit and the water will flow out of the coffee outlet. This procedure will run for 3 cycles and last 5 minutes.

The procedure also can be stopped at any time by pushing the button. The button will then turn to a steady light. If you decide to resume the cleaning process, push the button again.



6. Ease of Maintenance


Descaling the coffee maker regularly is essential to remove lime accumulated in the water tank due to the reaction between the minerals in the water and boiling hot water. This will ensure that the lime doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee. Also, the lime buildup can affect the heating up of water adversely.

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However, it is a chore to track the number of coffee made before the next descaling is to be done.

Fortunately, Evoluo comes with a descaling alert. When it is time to descale, the light will blink alternately 3 times, then become steady. ( Machine can only be operated to make coffee a few more times once the alert appears before descaling becomes mandatory. )

Descaling steps

The descaling itself is not difficult to perform either. The manual comes with a detailed step-by step procedure to perform the descaling. Descaling can be done with the descaling liquid and just these 15 simple steps:


  1. Turn the machine “ON” by pushing the button. Open the machine head and let the used capsule be ejected. Reclose the machine and leave the lever in “UNLOCKED” position: towards the front of the machine
  2. Empty the cup support and the used capsule container.
  3. Fill the water tank with 1 unit of Nespresso descaling liquid and add 0.5 litres of water
  4. Hold the button for at least 7 second to enter into the descaling mode.
  5. The button will start blinking rapidly. You now have 45 seconds to confirm you want to enter descaling mode. Follow the next step to do so otherwise the machine will return to the ready for brewing coffee mode
  6. Lock the machine by turning the lever left to the lock symbol on the machine head and unlock by turning right. Hold the button again for at least 7 seconds in “UNLOCKED” position
  7. Place a container (minimum volume: 0.6 l) under the coffee outlet.
  8. To start descaling, lock the machine by turning the lever left and push the button. The machine will stop automatically when complete.
  9. Empty, rinse and clean the water tank and cup support thoroughly
  10. Fill the water tank with fresh potable water and put it back in place on the machine.
  11. When ready, push the button to rinse the machine. The machine will stop automatically when complete. The procedure can be stopped at any time by pushing the button.
  12. To exit the descaling mode, hold the button for at least 7 seconds.
  13. The button will stop blinking rapidly and become steady. Descaling is completed. Allow the machine to dry for 10 minutes before using it.


7. Energy Saving


Evoluo has a energy saving feature. It will automatically switch off after 9 minutes from last use.


8. Complimentary Gift


Surprise. There’s a 8 reason. The Nespresso Evoluo comes with a Nespresso Vertuoline capsule welcome kit. In the kit, there are 12 Nespresso VertuoLine capsules containing individual aromas. You can try each one out and decide your preferred capsule before making a larger order.


Potential shortcomings


Can only use Vertuoline capsules


The Evoluo can only use vertuoline capsules. Originallines capsules won’t work on this coffee maker as there is no barcode on it. These also mean that the nespresso compatible capsules can’t be used too.

This means you will have lesser choice in terms of capsule taste available for the Nespresso Evoluo. However, there is one unique flavor in the Vertuoline capsules called hazelio which does not exist for OriginalLine.



Differences with similar Nespresso models

Vertuoline vs Evoluo – What’s the difference?


Nespresso Vertuoline and Evoluo are very similar. This is because Evoluo is the second generation of the VertuoLine machine. But here’s the difference. Evoluo can brew hotter coffee and fit more cup sizes. Evoluo also has a larger water tank of 50 ounces used capsule container of 17 capsules.

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Evoluo vs Pixie –5 Major differences


Heating up time

Nespresso Pixie takes 25 seconds to heat up while Evoluo takes only 15 seconds. This means lesser time required to prepare a cup of coffee.


Ease of Cleaning

After making espresso (or coffee) on the Evoluo, there is little residue and there is no need to clean the cup support ( which serves as the drip tray ) frequently. However, for the Pixie, I need to clean the tray after 3-4 times use.


Empty water indicator

Unlike Pixie, there is no empty water tank alert in the Evoluo. However, the water tank is by the side of the coffee maker and it is translucent. So you can easily see if your water is running low.


Capsule price

Typically, one single VertuoLine capsule costs about $1.20. This is more expensive than the OriginalLine capsule which is $0.80.


Hot water option

The Pixie can serve as a hot water dispenser. However, this is not possible for the Nespresso Evoluo.


Evoluo’s Key Features

  • Make both espresso and traditional coffee.
  • New centrifusion technology to spin coffee capsule
  • New barcode reading technology to automatically recognize capsule blends and adjust brewing parameter for the blend to reach the perfect cup
  • One button operation for convenient brewing
  • Fast heating up time of about 15-20 seconds
  • Automatic switches off after 9 min of non-use
  • Compact
  • Large removable water tank of 54 ounces ( 1.6 liters )
  • Large removable used capsule container of 13 Nespresso mug capsules

Technical Specifications:

  • Dimensions : 9.0 inches wide x 12.2 inches tall x 12.3 inches deep
  • Weight: 11 pounds
  • Power: 1350W
  • Brewing Technology: Centrifusion technology
  • Centrifusion Speed: 7000 revolution per minutes
  • Cable Length: 29.13 inches

User guide : link

Nespresso Evoluo Review

Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo Coffee and Espresso Machine by De’Longhi

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  • Make both espresso and coffee
  • New centrifusion spinning technology
  • Automatic capsule blend recognition technology
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic ejection of capsule after brewing
  • Descaling alerts


  • Cannot be used as a hot water dispenser
  • Cannot make milk-based drinks. Milk frother has to be purchased separately.
  • Can only use Vertuoline capsules. Originalline capsules cannot be used.

Nespresso Evoluo Review – Should you buy?

The Nespresso Vertuo Evoluo can make both espresso and coffee and can cater to various brewing drink volume options. The drink volume can also be re-programmed to your liking.

With its patented centrifusion extraction technology and intelligent extraction system that recognizes each coffee capsule blends, Evoluo is capable of deliver highly consistent tasty cup of coffee and espresso every time.

In addition, using this coffee maker is easy. It is just one touch operation. There is no need to adjust any brewing parameters. Evoluo handles the adjustments all by itself.

Not forgetting, this coffee machine is available at a very affordable price! What more can you ask for? I hope this Nespresso Evoluo review has been useful to you.
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