11 Cutest 3D Latte Art You Cannot Miss Out On

Don’t you always admire how the local Baristas are able to create all those lovely latte arts onto your cup of latte.

Now 2D Latte art is a thing of the past, Baristas are competing on 3D latte arts. And oh my, some of them can be really creative and even cute.

I got to hear about this really talented latte art artist from Japan who make really wonderful 3D latte arts.

Kazuki Yamamoto regularly posts his latte art on twitter to his gigantic followers, fascinated with his creations.

Here are some of his cutest 3-D Latte Art.


  cute 3D latte art

Photos credits from Kazuki Yamamoto



How to make 3D latte Art?


Are you interested to make your own latte art too?

The steps are not too difficult.

Basically, you need an espresso machine which can steam your milk.

This can be a semi automatic latte machine or an automatic espresso machine with a milk frother.

Personally, I like the Nespresso Creatista because I can avoid dealing with messy coffee powder and yet able to do latte art. I certainly think it is the best Nespresso machine.


Once we have the equipment, coffee and milk ready, we can make some latte art in these steps  :

  1. Prepare your espresso and pour into the cup
  2. Heat and froth the milk to make a microfoam and pour onto the espresso
  3. Now here comes the 3D part. Frothe a separate batch of milk until you get a very stiff foam. This will be used the macrofoam.
  4. Using a small teaspoon, slowly and carefully scoop the foam onto the top of your latte. Keep doing this until you build the shape you want.
  5. Next comes the make-up. Using a paintbrush and some food dye such as chocolate, paint the features of the shape using the dye.


Now you get your first 3D art. It’s really a lot of patience involved! +D


Here’s a video on how to make latte art in 3D.



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