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Different Types Of Espresso Drinks. Guide to World of Espresso

Different types of espresso drinks

Ristretto, Lungo, Caffè Macchiato, Americanos. What again? Ever been confused with the different types of espresso drinks? I hate to admit it but yeah, I have been. Do you know that there are several types of espresso?

The types of espresso are varied by the amount of coffee used and the volume of the drink. There are also a variety of coffee beverages using the espresso shots as base. They are made to suit the different taste preferences in the coffee beverage market.

So what are the different types of espresso drinks?



Different Types of Espresso Drinks

Single shot

The single shot espresso is equivalent to 1 ounce of liquid extracted from 7 grams of coffee beans under high brewing pressure and temperature. It is usually drunk in a small cup as it can retain heat better and thus preserve the aroma of the coffee.


Almost known as the “short” shot, Ristretto uses the same 7 grams of coffee beans. However, we stop extraction once we have the first 3 / 4 ounces of espresso liquid.


For Lungo, we also use the same 7 grams of coffee beans for extraction. But we stop the extraction only when we have 1.5 ounces of espresso in the cup. Because more liquid espresso is produced, this is also called a “long” shot.

Double Shot

It’s a bit different for a double shot. Here is where it sometimes get confusing. In a double shot, we don’t use 7 grams but instead, we use double the amount of coffee beans at 14 grams. The amount of liquid espresso extracted is also double the amount of a single shot at 2 ounces.

Custom Shot

Then we have the custom shot. Well as the name suggest, it is basically depends on how much volume of espresso you like and how much of coffee beans you like. Once in a while whenever I’m free, I like to do a custom shot, playing around with the amount at home using my espresso machine.


Well, there is about all to the different types of espresso drinks. However, we have many types of espresso-based beverages. For the most common espresso-based drinks, they use 3 common ingredients which are milk, foam and espresso. However, the amount for each ingredient varies amongst the beverages. This class of beverage are made using espresso machine with the capability to steam milk. Some drinks can even have toppings such as chocolate or cinnamons found on top.

Let’s take a look at the more common espresso-based drinks.


Different Types of Espresso-Based Drinks

Caffè Latte

Latte, also known as caffè latte in Italy, is a very popular drink . This is the one of the most common item in any coffee joint. Latte is a mix of an espresso shot and steamed milk, with a little foam on top. As a result of the milk used, it is sweeter than pure espresso. The golden ratio for the proportions is 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk. Usually, latte is served in a flat-bottom plastic or glass container.

Flat White

Flat White comes from Australia. It is a slight variation of the caffè latte. Like caffè latte, it uses 1/3 espresso and 2/3 steamed milk and foam. However, this foam is an extremely thin layer.


Also a very popular drink. Like Latte, cappuccino is made up of espresso, steamed milk and foam. However, cappuccino uses equal proportions instead. The milk and foam combines to give cappuccino a very thick and creamy layer. The drink is commonly served in a cup. Very often, you can also see cappuccino with chocolate or cocoa on it.


Also known as Gibraltar, Cortado is slightly different from a cappucino or latte. It uses espresso and milk in equal proportions.

Café Americano

Cafe Americano, also known as the “Long black”, is an espresso shot diluted with hot water. It is prepared by pouring the hot water into the cup first, then extract the espresso over it. The ratio is 2/3 hot water with 1/3 espresso. The taste is something like brewed coffee. If you don’t like the intense flavour of the espresso, this drink would be more acceptable to you.

Cafe Mocha

Apart from espresso, milk and foam, Cafe Mocha also uses cocoa. The way it is prepared is by pouring the hot cocoa into the cup first, then the espresso and finally the steamed milk with the foam on top. The golden ratio for the proportions is a third of espresso, a sixth of cocoa, a third of steamed milk and a sixth of foam. If you like a sweet coffee, this is the drink for you.


Alright. That’s the six common espresso-based drinks. Now that you know the different types of espresso drinks and espresso-based drinks,  you can make your order with ease. Latte, please. By the way, do you want that it is really difficult to get a perfect shot of espresso? If you like to find out more about making good espresso, check it out here.

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