Nespresso Vertuo Pop Vs Vertuo Plus [6 Key Differences]

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ve likely considered getting a Nespresso Vertuo machine to elevate your coffee experience. Nespresso offers a range of models, but two that often catch the eye are the Nespresso Vertuo Pop and the Nespresso Vertuo Plus. These machines promise a convenient way to brew your favorite coffee, but they do have some key differences that could influence your decision. In this detailed comparison, we’ll break down the features, pros, and cons of each to help you make an informed choice.

Nespress Vertuo Pop vs Vertuo Plus Specifications Comparison Chart

Vertuo Pop vs Plus : 6 Key Differences 

Feature Nespresso Vertuo Pop Nespresso Vertuo Plus
Dimensions 8.6 x 14 x 10.4 inches 8.7 x 12.7 x 12.8 inches
Pod Compatibility Brews XL coffee and pour-over carafe pods Does not brew XL coffee or pour-over carafe pods
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes (Bluetooth connectivity) No (lacks Bluetooth connectivity)
Water Tank Capacity 25 ounces 40 ounces
Adjustable Water Tank Position No Repositionable water reservoir
Motorized Brew Head No Motorized brew head

Vertuo Pop vs Plus : Similarities

Feature Nespresso Vertuo Pop Nespresso Vertuo Plus
Brew Sizes and Pod Compatibility Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Coffee Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, Coffee
Performance and Usage One-button operation One-button operation
Vertuo Pod Compatibility Compatible with Nespresso’s Vertuo pods Compatible with Nespresso’s Vertuo pods
Colors Multiple color choices : Vibrant and colorful design options Multiple color choices : more classic and understated
Weight Light weight :  7.9 lbs Light weight : 10.1 lbs
nespresso vertuo pop

Nespresso Vertuo Pop

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Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine By Breville

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Nespresso Vertuo Pop – The Compact Colorful Contender

The Nespresso Vertuo Pop bursts onto the scene with a splash of color and a promise of versatility. Let’s dive into what makes this machine unique.

Design and Dimensions

The Vertuo Pop is designed to be a compact powerhouse, measuring 8.6 x 14 x 10.4 inches. This petite size makes it a great fit for kitchens with limited counter space. Its standout feature is its vibrant and colorful design, available in hues like Aqua Mint, Coconut White, Spicy Red, Mango Yellow, and Pacific Blue. These colors can add a pop of personality to your kitchen.

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Pod Sizes and Compatibility

One of the strengths of the Vertuo Pop is its ability to brew various pod sizes. It caters to espresso lovers with sizes like Single Espresso and Double Espresso, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also enjoy Gran Lungo and Coffee sizes. Where it really shines is in its compatibility with larger pods – the Vertuo Pop can brew a 12 oz XL coffee and an 18 oz pour-over carafe pod. However, due to its shorter height, it can’t accommodate the Nespresso Carafe mug or tall Alto glass accessories under the coffee outlet.

Expert Mode and Bluetooth Connectivity

For those who like to tinker with their coffee, the Vertuo Pop offers an “Expert Mode.” This feature allows you to adjust the brew size of certain pods, giving you more control over the concentration. It’s particularly handy when you’re creating specialty drinks like lattes or cappuccinos. Additionally, the Vertuo Pop comes with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect the machine to the Nespresso app. This feature can be helpful for tracking pod usage, receiving alerts, and accessing troubleshooting guides.

Water Tank Capacity

The Vertuo Pop’s water tank has a capacity of 25 ounces, which should suffice for regular use. However, you might find yourself refilling it more frequently compared to some other models with larger tanks.

Lid Functionality

One minor drawback of the Vertuo Pop is its manual lid closure. You’ll need to exert a bit of effort and hand strain to turn a lever to lock and unlock the lid. While this may not be a significant issue for most users, it’s worth noting, especially if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Nespresso Vertuo Plus – The Reliable Workhorse

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Nespresso Vertuo Plus, a reliable and feature-packed coffee machine that’s been a favorite among coffee enthusiasts.

Design and Dimensions

The Vertuo Plus has a slightly larger footprint than the Vertuo Pop, measuring 8.7 x 12.7 x 12.8 inches. While it takes up a bit more space, it compensates with its elegant and sleek design. You can find it in classic colors like white, red, gray, black, navy, or silver tones. If aesthetics and a modern feel matter to you, the Vertuo Plus delivers.

Pod Sizes and Compatibility

The Vertuo Plus offers a range of pod sizes, including Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, and Coffee. However, it doesn’t brew the XL coffee or pour-over carafe pods like the Vertuo Pop. If you primarily use standard-sized cups, this won’t be an issue. But if you enjoy larger coffee servings, this limitation might affect your choice.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Unlike the Vertuo Pop, the Vertuo Plus lacks Bluetooth connectivity. This means you won’t be able to connect it to the Nespresso app for tracking pod usage or troubleshooting assistance. If this feature is not a priority for you, it might not be a significant drawback.

Adjustable Water Tank Position

One notable advantage of the Vertuo Plus is its repositionable water reservoir. You can adjust its placement to the back or side of the machine, providing more flexibility in fitting it into your kitchen space. This feature can be a game-changer if your counter area is tight.

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Motorized Brew Head

The Vertuo Plus boasts a motorized brew head, which automatically opens and closes with the push of a button. This not only adds a touch of convenience but also reduces the risk of user-induced damage. With a manual brew head, there’s a chance of mishandling, but the motorized mechanism ensures a smoother operation.

Water Tank Capacity

In the water tank department, the Vertuo Plus shines with its larger capacity of 40 ounces. This means fewer refills, which can be particularly useful when you have guests over or you’re making multiple cups throughout the day.


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Similarities – Features They Share

Now that we’ve covered the unique attributes of each machine, let’s take a look at the features that both the Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Plus share.

Brew Sizes and Pod Compatibility

Both machines are compatible with Nespresso’s Vertuo pods, which come in various flavors and styles. They offer a similar selection of brew sizes, including Espresso, Double Espresso, Gran Lungo, and Coffee. This means you can enjoy a wide range of coffee options, from a quick shot of espresso to a satisfying cup of coffee, all with the same convenience.

Performance and Usage

In terms of performance and operation, the Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Plus are quite similar. They both operate with a straightforward, one-button system. Simply insert your pod, and the machine will read the barcode on the pod to determine the appropriate brew size and settings. This ease of use makes them suitable for both coffee newcomers and connoisseurs.

Vertuo Pod Compatibility

Both machines are compatible with Nespresso’s proprietary Vertuo pods, ensuring that you have access to a variety of coffee blends and flavors. While the Vertuo pod selection may be somewhat limited in terms of third-party options due to Nespresso’s barcode technology and patents, it’s worth noting that this exclusivity is expected to persist until at least 2030.

Multiple Colors

While the Vertuo Pop is known for its vibrant and playful color options, the Vertuo Plus also offers multiple color choices, albeit in a more classic and understated palette. Whether you prefer a pop of color or a timeless look, both machines cater to different style preferences.

Light Weight

The weight of a coffee machine may not be a top consideration, but it’s worth mentioning. The Vertuo Pop weighs approximately 7.9 lbs, making it a lightweight option that’s easy to move around if needed. On the other hand, the Vertuo Plus is slightly heavier at 10.1 lbs, which can contribute to its stability on your countertop.

Vertuo Pop vs VertuoPlus : Which to Buy?

Now that you’re armed with all the details about the Nespresso Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Plus, it’s decision time. Here are some scenarios to help you make your choice:

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Choose the Vertuo Pop if…

  1. You Love Color and Compactness: If you’re looking to brighten up your kitchen with a splash of color and you have limited counter space, the Vertuo Pop’s compact and colorful design could be a perfect fit.

  2. You Prefer Smaller Cups: The Vertuo Pop is ideal if you typically enjoy smaller cups of coffee, as it accommodates up to 8 oz cups. However, keep in mind that it can brew larger pod sizes, even if the cup won’t fit under the spout.

  3. You Enjoy Specialty Coffee: The Expert Mode and Bluetooth connectivity make the Vertuo Pop a great choice for those who love experimenting with coffee recipes and tracking their consumption.

nespresso vertuo pop

Nespresso Vertuo Pop

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Choose the Vertuo Plus if…

  1. You Prioritize Reliability: If you value reliability and worry-free operation, the Vertuo Plus, known for its solid build and motorized brew head, is the safer bet.

  2. You Use Larger Cups: If you often reach for larger cups or plan to brew for guests, the Vertuo Plus’s larger water tank and lack of height restrictions under the spout make it a more practical choice.

  3. You Need Flexibility in Water Reservoir Placement: The repositionable water reservoir of the Vertuo Plus gives you the freedom to adapt the machine to your kitchen setup, making it easier to fit into tight spaces.

  4. You Don’t Need Bluetooth Connectivity: If you’re not interested in using the Nespresso app or don’t require Bluetooth connectivity, the Vertuo Plus still offers a top-notch coffee experience without this feature.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Coffee and Espresso Machine By Breville

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The Final Sip: Making Your Decision

In the battle of Nespresso Vertuo machines, the Vertuo Pop and Vertuo Plus each bring their unique strengths to the table. Your decision ultimately depends on your priorities, preferences, and coffee habits.

If you’re drawn to the bold and colorful, if you favor smaller cups, and if you love to experiment with your coffee, the Nespresso Vertuo Pop could be your coffee companion. Its compact design, Expert Mode, and vibrant color options make it a standout choice.

On the other hand, if you value reliability, enjoy larger cups, and need flexibility in water reservoir placement, the Nespresso Vertuo Plus is a solid, dependable option. Its motorized brew head and repositionable water reservoir add convenience to your daily coffee routine.

Remember, both machines offer a delightful coffee experience, and Nespresso’s renowned customer service ensures your satisfaction. Whichever you choose, you’re in for a delicious cup of coffee that suits your style. So, take your pick and savor every sip! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to