Best Starbucks Drinks to Wake You Up

Needing an extra boost to set your mood throughout the day? Well Starbucks offers a lot of caffeinated drinks that would give you the energy you need to face another day. As most of us say, caffeine always fixes the problem and Starbucks drinks are here to help. And here’s a list of some good starbucks drinks to wake you up.

Best Starbucks Drinks to Wake You Up

All the drinks on this list are in venti size for the sake of consistency.

1. Pike Place Roast (Brewed Coffee)

Let’s start with the basic. Pike Place Roast is what they serve when you order for a regular coffee in Starbucks. It is a filter coffee that contains 410 mg caffeine in a venti size, which is enough to kick start the day. Since it’s the most basic coffee, this drink comes in a plain old cup of Starbucks without the fancy stuff.

2. Dark Roast Brewed Coffee

The Dark Roast Brewed Coffee is perfect for those who prefer the consistent taste of a dark roast, but only wants less caffeine. It comes with a variety of dark roasts, such as Espresso Roast, French Roast and Italian Roast. A venti-sized Dark Roast Brewed Coffee contains 340 mg caffeine that would help you get moving.

3. Blonde Roast Brewed Coffee

It is known for its sweet and mellow flavor. However, Blonde Roast Brewed Coffee is much stronger as it contains more caffeine compared with the Dark Roast Brewed Coffee. Blonde Roaster Coffee is considered to be one of the highest caffeine content of all coffee beans since these are just lightly roasted.

4. Caffè Americano – Hot or Iced

If you need something to shake things up, but you prefer a smoother a less bold coffee, Caffè Americano is the best alternative drink. A venti Americano contains four shots of espresso and 300 mg caffeine that would give you that much needed energy throughout the day. You may enjoy it when the sun’s beating down or when you just want to enjoy the breeze of the cold morning as it is served hot and iced.

Caffe Americano tastes more bearable for those who aren’t used to stronger flavor because it is made by pulling a shot of espresso diluted in hot water to get that smoother flavor.

5. Caramel Macchiato

This is one of the most popular drinks in Starbucks as it is a go to flavor choice for most of the coffee lovers. It is served hot and ice, but the latter has higher shots of espresso compared to the former. For a venti size, iced Caramel Macchiato contains three shots of espresso, while the hot or standard one only contains two shots. Therefore, Iced Caramel Macchiato has 225mg of caffeine, whereas the standard one only has 150mg.

6. Espresso Roast Clover

The Espresso Roast Clover would definitely be appreciated by coffee enthusiast as it is the strongest coffee you can order at Starbucks. Each rich and bold cup of coffee is made with darkly-roasted beans brewed in a sophisticated Clover Machine. The Espresso Roast Clover, specifically Sumatra Roast, French Roast and Italian Roast will give you the needed or even extra caffeine kick, because for a venti size, it consists of a 470 mg caffeine! Since it is too strong, it is advised that you must opt to order on a smaller size. However, the Clover brewing system is not yet readily available to all Starbucks shops, so you may not get it at your favourite Starbucks joint.

7. Iced Chocolate Almond Milk Shaken Espresso

This is one of the latest drinks that you should try out if you want some energy boost. This is made with espresso shots, almond milk and flavored chocolate malt powder that are shaken by the barista. To add a little sweetener and flavor, the barista adds almond milk and ice cubes after shaking. It contains 340 grams of caffeine for a venti cup.

8. Espresso Frappuccino

This is one of the best-seller drinks at Starbucks that is made with whole milk, coffee and ice – a perfect blend to create that creamy and smooth flavor. Each cup of Espresso Frappuccino contains both espresso and Frappuccino roast making it as one of the cold drinks with highest caffeine content, enough to enjoy the day, even when you are under the sun. A venti sized Espresso Frappuccino contains 185 mg of caffeine. If you want your drinks with toppings, you may ask the barista to add whipped cream on top.

9. Cappucino

You get two shots of espresso or 150 mg of caffeine for a venti cup of Cappuccino – one of the classics at Starbucks. This drink never gets out of trend even if there are already different flavors being released by Starbucks. It might be classic, but not boring because of its smooth taste made by the steamed and frothed whole milk and espresso shots. This drink only contains a decent amount of caffeine enough to keep you going throughout the day.

10. Caffè Mocha (Hot or Iced)

Caffè Mocha is for those who loves coffee and chocolate at the same time. Every cup sets your mood thanks to the perfect combination of espresso with bittersweet mocha sauce and steamed milk, plus it is also topped with sweetened whipped cream. Likewise, you can add peppermint flavor to create the popular Peppermint Espresso Mocha that contains the same amount of caffeine of 100 mg like the Caffe Mocha.

11.Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

If you opt a sweet but strong drink, the Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is the drink for you. It is also perfect for summertime wherein in every sip, you get that sweet and delicious taste of Starbuck’s cold brew that is accented with vanilla and topped with a vanilla sweet cream or cold foam. You can definitely taste the richness of the flavor while getting a boost of energy as each venti size contains 275 mg of caffeine.

Wrapping up

There are still a lot of drinks that Starbucks offers which are not mentioned above and surely there is always something for everyone. However, please be reminded that even if you are trying to get yourself going, make sure that you don’t consume more than the recommended consumption of caffeine in the body per day. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to